Ease your family’s anxiety by giving them the gift of Global Peace of Mind® during this busy travel season. Purchasing protection through one of the International Medical Group’s® Patriot Series of travel health insurance programs in Fort Collins can provide full coverage for any medical conditions or problems that may arise while traveling outside your home country. While many people assume their current health insurance plan will cover them, this isn’t always the case. These plans are typically only for domestic incidents, requiring you to enroll in a different travel health insurance program while traveling abroad to have continual and complete protection.

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Patriot Travel Medical is your basic plan that provides travel medical coverage for US citizens who are traveling outside the US and for non-US citizens who are traveling outside their home country.

Patriot Multi-Trip Medical is a travel health insurance plan that provides coverage for those who frequently travel for multiple trips outside their home country throughout the year. The plan provides for US or Non-US citizens who travel outside their home country for 30-day increments each time they depart for a 12-month period of coverage.

Patriot Trip or Patriot Trip Elite programs provide trip cancellation insurance to protect their travels with in the US or internationally! This can be used in the event that an unforeseen circumstance, such as an emergency illness or natural disaster, interrupts your trip. This can help you recover non-refundable, unused payments and deposits when a trip is canceled or interrupted.

Global Medical Insurance has 3 options and is a 12-month annually renewable policy that provides coverage for US citizens and for non-US citizens traveling or residing worldwide on a long-term basis.

To learn more about the travel health insurance programs in Fort Collins that we can provide and help you choose, reach out to us today.

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