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Thank you Nora for everything you have done for my family. You made a complicated subject so easy understand and easy to sign up for. She was there for all the questions I had. Thank you for everything

Christopher D. Avatar
Christopher D.

Chelsea Reed at Sage Benefit Advisors is amazing! She is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field, she cares so much about her clients and it shows. I recommend that anyone call Chelsea to help walk through the craziness of health care benefits. I’m so blessed to have her in my corner to help me and my family better understand the ever changing and always confusing health care system. Thank you Chelsea! You are the BEST!!

Danette B. Avatar
Danette B.

Excellent service from Sage Benefit Advisors. Nora Cook provided timely, detailed information to help our auto repair shop navigate the maze of health insurance plans for our employees. Highly recommended!

Patrick J. Avatar
Patrick J.

I received a recommendation to call Sage Benefit Advisors when there was a possibility that I would lose medical insurance with a job layoff last year, as well as this year. Ashley Rafiti and other advisors are amazing-very helpful and knowledgeable and listen to your specific situation and medical needs. I'd highly recommend this free service to anyone who may lose benefits or needs affordable health care.

Anita K. Avatar
Anita K.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and how quickly the process of signing up for healthcare was!! My representative Garret was very polite, patient, and helpful! He answered all of my questions and concerns and made me feel comfortable that I was getting the proper coverage at the best rate! He made the phone call very pleasant and saved me money! Definitely recommend using Sage Benefit Advisors!

Sheah R. Avatar
Sheah R.

Nora, Thank you so much for all your help in finding me insurance. I was in between jobs and you were amazing and made the transition easy. I can’t thank you and Sage Benefit Advisors enough you all are the best. Anyone needing help they are the best in helping with insurance needs. The customer service is unbelievable. Thank you Nora and I can’t thank you enough!!!!!

Bill H. Avatar
Bill H.

Kevin Cruz at Sage Benefits has always done a good job for my company. He's knowledgeable about the products and his recommendations have been spot on. He's attentive to our needs and helpful when we've had a problem. I would recommend Kevin at Sage Benefits for all their healthcare insurance.

Margaret H. Avatar
Margaret H.

Steven Kopelke was extremely helpful with our family in choosing and applying for health insurance through the marketplace. Very knowledgeable and patient with the many questions and emails that I had. Highly recommend Steven and Sage Benefits Advisors.

Kendall M. Avatar
Kendall M.

Loved the experience and friendliness of the staff at Sage BA. Nora was a delight to work with, she knows her stuff. I know very little about insurance but she answered my questions and helped to speed the process up. I will always use Nora & Sage Benefits.

Kevin K. Avatar
Kevin K.


Thank you so much for your assistance in finding me insurance and helping me navigate the maze of our current healthcare system. I am so grateful for your knowledge and caring spirit. I had an excellent experience working with you and the staff at Sage Benefit Advisors. Well done.

Perry C. Avatar
Perry C.

Kara Donahoe at Sage is the utmost professional and helped me with my Medicare supplemental and prescription plan. I highly recommend Kara and her coworkers at Sage for any of your health care questions.

Jerry A. Avatar
Jerry A.

I am so glad I was able to work with Sage Benefit Advisors to choose my health insurance. My husband and I worked with Steven Kopelke to set up a plan, and he set our minds at ease with his knowledge and attention to detail. He helped us clearly understand our options and was patient will all of our questions. In addition, he was very responsive and thorough whenever I called or emailed with follow-up questions. I would highly recommend this wonderful resource to anyone seeking health insurance!

Liza F. Avatar
Liza F.

Ashley Raffiti has gone over and beyond for me as my health care insurance adviser.
Shes very knowledgeable in her field of work and she really took the time and listened to my specific needs and then dug in and investigated what my best options would be. I really trust her opinion and I trust her to look out for me as she has done so for 3 years now! Thanks Ashley for going the extra mile and truly having your clients best interests at heart.
Ashley you rock!

shelby t. Avatar
shelby t.

Ashlee R. helped me navigate through the whole process easily. She has great knowledge of the elgibility required and options of the different plans. Thank you for this service! CD

Cyndee D. Avatar
Cyndee D.

positive review Steven Kopelke is so helpful and patient. He provides detailed explanations and follows up on matters quickly.

Rose A. Avatar
Rose A.

Tim and the entire team at Sage are very helpful. I believe they did a great job of explaining my coverage options and counseling me on different coverage as I've been a client as my family has grown. I'm very happy with the level of service I've received from the entire team.

Cameron B. Avatar
Cameron B.

Ashley has helped me with health insurance 2 years now. Kudos to her. Always cool, helpful and professional even though my case was difficult.

Kd G. Avatar
Kd G.

Nora C. is the health insurance professional I trust. Her work at Sage Benefit Advisors has repeatedly saved my family time and money over the past four years. It is a pleasure to receive quick and accurate responses to my questions and inquiries. I respect her expertise, and confidently recommend my friends to her for her knowledge and experience. Keep up the great work!

Tw M. Avatar
Tw M.