IMPORTANT UPDATE:  As of 4/1/2019 the Colorado Division of Insurance has mandated that all health insurance plans in the state comply with and meet the essential health benefits requirements outlined in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This has effectively made it impossible for companies to offer their short-term health insurance to residents in Colorado because short term plans, by their very nature, are not compliant with the ACA. That said, we cannot offer short-term health insurance in Colorado. We still encourage you to contact us so that we can evaluate what, if any, options you have at the current time. You may even qualify for a special Colorado temporary health insurance enrollment period. Contact us so that we can plan to get you taken care of during the next open enrollment period.

Are you a small business owner with employees? Have you ever considered group health insurance? This might be a good option for you because you can start a group health plan at any time of the year and because group health insurance plans are more affordable than individual plans.

Are you going on vacation or traveling for an extended period of time? Check out our travel insurance options here.

For further information and explanations about how these updates affect you, and the services we can still provide, you can contact us here.

What our customers are saying:

  • positive review Nora Cook provided excellent detailed information to help our auto repair shop navigate the options in health care coverage for our employees. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly!

    Pat S. Avatar
    Pat S.

    positive review What a great agent!!! Kevin James Cruz is worth his weight in gold. He takes care of his clients and is wonderful at recommending different plans to meet the companies needs. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kevin. He's a 10+

    Margaret H. Avatar
    Margaret H.

    My advisor Ashley was extremely helpful for over six months as I went through some very confusing insurance situations. She was always calm and positive even when I was not. I am in awe of her patience and very grateful for her help!

    Julianna K. Avatar
    Julianna K.
  • Kevin Cruz has been working with our company for several years now and his service is just a good now as it was in the beginning. THANKS for not slacking off once you got our business!

    Melinda S. Avatar
    Melinda S.

    Kara Donahoe at Sage is the utmost professional and helped me with my Medicare supplemental and prescription plan. I highly recommend Kara and her coworkers at Sage for any of your health care questions.

    Jerry A. Avatar
    Jerry A.

    Ashlee R. helped me navigate through the whole process easily. She has great knowledge of the elgibility required and options of the different plans. Thank you for this service! CD

    Cyndee D. Avatar
    Cyndee D.
  • Ashley Raffiti has gone over and beyond for me as my health care insurance adviser.
    Shes very knowledgeable in her field of work and she really took the time and listened to my specific needs and then dug in and investigated what my best options would be. I really trust her...
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    shelby t. Avatar
    shelby t.

    Garrett Alford at Sage Benefit Advisors is outstanding He is always so willing to help and his response time is awesome. He has helped us so much with maneuvering the health system and has given us peace of mind knowing he is there for us. Thank you for everything you... read more

    Dana W. Avatar
    Dana W.

    We met with Jonathan and Garrett at the SAGE advisors and as newcomers to Fort Collins we not only were informed of our health insurance benefits available to us, but in addition they gave us some great leads on healthy activities available to us in the community - health clubs,... read more

    Kathy Avatar
  • I am so glad I was able to work with Sage Benefit Advisors to choose my health insurance. My husband and I worked with Steven Kopelke to set up a plan, and he set our minds at ease with his knowledge and attention to detail. He helped us clearly understand... read more

    Liza F. Avatar
    Liza F.

    OMG, where do I start. Kevin and his staff are incredible. My husband and I own a small business that requires us to wear so many different "hats" that it's almost impossible to do everything well. Kevin has made it his personal responsibility to be sure that... read more

    Jennifer B. Avatar
    Jennifer B.

    Tim is a wealth of knowledge and the whole team is helpful when I have questions.

    David F. Avatar
    David F.
  • Representative was very precise, and was able to provide me with the coverage I needed at a reasonable price. She was very pleasant and took the time to answer any questions I had. She was the same Rep I had last year, I was glad she helped me... read more

    Betty N. Avatar
    Betty N.

    Ashley at Sage was more than helpful. She spent multiple hours helping me and my wife get insurance. When the obstacles arose, she put in the due diligence to make sure that we got covered. Thank you to Ashley and the rest of the Sage group. Much appreciated

    Gavin G. Avatar
    Gavin G.

    Chelsea Reed at Sage Benefit Advisors is amazing! She is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field, she cares so much about her clients and it shows. I recommend that anyone call Chelsea to help walk through the craziness of health care benefits. I’m so blessed to have... read more

    Danette B. Avatar
    Danette B.
  • positive review Garrett Alford was a ton of help. He was always pleasant to speak with and spent as much time as needed helping my Mom and I. Garrett made sure to cover all the bases and answered all of our questions. Garrett worked with my Mom and I in multiple meetings... read more

    Hannah G. Avatar
    Hannah G.

    Garrett was beyond amazing. I am turning 26 and am aging out of my parents insurance. Going on the marketplace was awful, confusing, and stressful, especially since I go to the doctors often and wanted the best bang for my buck. Garrett made the entire process of aging out and... read more

    April C. Avatar
    April C.

    My wife and I worked with Ashley to select a new health plan for 2019. After our initial visit in which Ashley showed us some plan options that were much more affordable, I went to our online account and mistakenly selected a plan we did not want ( apparently hit... read more

    Steve B. Avatar
    Steve B.

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