IMPORTANT UPDATE:  As of 4/1/2019 the Colorado Division of Insurance has mandated that all health insurance plans in the state comply with and meet the essential health benefits requirements outlined in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This has effectively made it impossible for companies to offer their short-term health insurance to residents in Colorado because short term plans, by their very nature, are not compliant with the ACA. That said, we cannot offer short-term health insurance in Colorado. We still encourage you to contact us so that we can evaluate what, if any, options you have at the current time. You may even qualify for a special Colorado temporary health insurance enrollment period. Contact us so that we can plan to get you taken care of during the next open enrollment period.

Are you a small business owner with employees? Have you ever considered group health insurance? This might be a good option for you because you can start a group health plan at any time of the year and because group health insurance plans are more affordable than individual plans.

Are you going on vacation or traveling for an extended period of time? Check out our travel insurance options here.

For further information and explanations about how these updates affect you, and the services we can still provide, you can contact us here.

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