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Colorado Medicare supplement plans and Medicare advantage plans can be complicated. Our Medicare insurance advisors in Fort Collins are here to help!

We don’t just sell Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans. We take the time to understand each client’s unique healthcare situation, and that’s what makes us the best Medicare insurance advisors in Fort Collins. We also take the time to inform and educate clients so that they can make effective decisions about their Medicare supplement plan and Medigap options. Once we have a baseline understanding, we make recommendations about what would be best for them and their unique needs. Again, we do what’s best for the client. Period.

Unlike other Medicare insurance agents that work for or represent only one insurance company, our team at Sage Benefit Advisors are true Medicare insurance brokers in Colorado. This means that we work for you NOT the insurance company. We are appointed with all the major Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage insurance providers in Colorado. Once we understand your needs, we can help you zero-in on the best solution for your healthcare needs. We also provide ongoing support. Since Medicare supplement plans and premiums can change each year, we will ensure that you always have the best plan(s) to meet your needs.

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What our customers are saying:

  • positive review Garrett Alford was a ton of help. He was always pleasant to speak with and spent as much time as needed helping my Mom and I. Garrett made sure to cover all the bases and answered all of our questions. Garrett worked with my Mom and I in multiple meetings... read more

    Hannah G. Avatar
    Hannah G.

    Steven Kopelke was really terrific. He handled all questions and concerns with grace and ease...and swiftly! He was very professional, good sense of humor and went over all of my options with patience. It was an easy and nice experience to do business and to get what was... read more

    Heidi M. Avatar
    Heidi M.

    Kara was very clear about all the different options available so I could make the choice that makes the most sense for me. She was knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions.
    I am very pleased with Kara and highly recommend her.

    Nancy C. Avatar
    Nancy C.
  • Loved the experience and friendliness of the staff at Sage BA. Nora was a delight to work with, she knows her stuff. I know very little about insurance but she answered my questions and helped to speed the process up. I will always use Nora & Sage Benefits.

    Kevin K. Avatar
    Kevin K.

    I received a recommendation to call Sage Benefit Advisors when there was a possibility that I would lose medical insurance with a job layoff last year, as well as this year. Ashley Rafiti and other advisors are amazing-very helpful and knowledgeable and listen to your specific situation and medical... read more

    Anita K. Avatar
    Anita K.

    Tim and the staff at Sage have always been very helpful and friendly.

    They really have taken the frustration out of dealing with health insurance.

    Chris C. Avatar
    Chris C.
  • positive review I am blown away by the high quality service that Sage Benefit Advisors provides! Tim & Heather are awesome, as is everyone else I've had the pleasure of working with. As a small staffing agency with 50+ temp employees, administering benefits while remaining in compliance was a huge struggle for... read more

    Madison P. Avatar
    Madison P.

    As someone with quite a bit of insurance experience I thought that signing up for individual insurance would be relatively simple, but it wasn't. I spent a lot of time getting pointed in different directions and getting inaccurate information from insurance carriers 800 numbers when I asked about approved... read more

    Kendall P. Avatar
    Kendall P.

    Thanks to Ashley for all her help and patience, she was very knowledgeable and it would have been very difficult without her assistance.

    Jonathan P. Avatar
    Jonathan P.
  • Steven has gone above and beyond to help us. We lost our health insurance coverage when the State of Colorado issued a cease and desist order for our plan. It was scary to be without insurance. Steven educated us on the process required to get insurance outside the enrollment... read more

    Karen R. Avatar
    Karen R.

    I went on the Connect for Health website and was very overwhelmed by the amount of information to sort through to make a good decision for my health care. I called Sage and they got me in right away to see an adviser, Garrett, who was so helpful and simplified... read more

    Mark a. Avatar
    Mark a.

    Kara Donahoe at Sage is the utmost professional and helped me with my Medicare supplemental and prescription plan. I highly recommend Kara and her coworkers at Sage for any of your health care questions.

    Jerry A. Avatar
    Jerry A.
  • My wife and I worked with Ashley to select a new health plan for 2019. After our initial visit in which Ashley showed us some plan options that were much more affordable, I went to our online account and mistakenly selected a plan we did not want ( apparently hit... read more

    Steve B. Avatar
    Steve B.

    Chelsea Reed at Sage Benefit Advisors is amazing! She is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field, she cares so much about her clients and it shows. I recommend that anyone call Chelsea to help walk through the craziness of health care benefits. I’m so blessed to have... read more

    Danette B. Avatar
    Danette B.

    Nora C. is the health insurance professional I trust. Her work at Sage Benefit Advisors has repeatedly saved my family time and money over the past four years. It is a pleasure to receive quick and accurate responses to my questions and inquiries. I respect her... read more

    Tw M. Avatar
    Tw M.
  • Great organization! We have been working with Tim for a few years in Fort Collins and love the time he gives each person. Excellent company and employee care!

    Mary K. Avatar
    Mary K.

    positive review This organization and Nora Cook really helped me to walk through the maze of healthcare and selected the right plans. Very competent and professional and great follow through. John Thompson

    John T. Avatar
    John T.

    Representative was very precise, and was able to provide me with the coverage I needed at a reasonable price. She was very pleasant and took the time to answer any questions I had. She was the same Rep I had last year, I was glad she helped me... read more

    Betty N. Avatar
    Betty N.

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Why work with Sage?

  • Our local, Fort Collins Medicare insurance brokers offer education, consulting, and decision support.
  • We help to implement the agreed-upon Medicare insurance plans (or Medicare Advantage Plans)—we help every step of the way!
  • We offer year-round access to our Medicare insurance advisors in Fort Collins.
  • We review your Medicare supplement plan annually to ensure you are in the best place.
  • You won’t find the same plan for less anywhere else. GUARANTEED.


Whether you’re turning 65 or you’ve had Medicare for years, we can help you! To learn how, contact us today!