Certified Health Care Reform Experts

Health insurance in Colorado can be complicated. Especially with all the changes this year with health care reform. But, rest assured, we are on top of it. You can count on us for expert advice and a thorough review of your health insurance options. Call 970.484.1250 for all your Colorado health insurance needs. [button link=”https://www.quotit.net/eproIFP/webPages/infoEntry/InfoEntryZip.asp?license_no=TXFEVX” color=”black” … Continued

UPDATED Individual Tax Subsidy Calculator

[box type=”info”] UPDATE 10/7/2013 For some reason, the individual/family health insurance subsidy calculator seems to have been removed from the Connect for Health Colorado website. As an alternative, The Berkeley Labor Center’s calculator has been widely cited as one of the more reliable individual/family tax credit calculators. Please note, however, that this is only an estimate and … Continued

Are You Eligible for a Subsidy?

In order to make health insurance coverage affordable for a larger number of people, insurance subsidies will be available to help offset the cost of premiums. To be eligible for a subsidy, you must not have access to a qualified plan through your employer, and your income needs to fall between the range of 100%-400% … Continued

Important ACA Compliance Update for Employers

Beginning January 1, 2014, individuals and employees of small businesses will have access to insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) health insurance exchanges (Exchanges), which are also known as Health Insurance Marketplaces. Open enrollment under the Exchanges will begin on Oct. 1, 2013. The ACA requires employers to provide all new hires and current employees with a written … Continued

Young and Healthy Need to Enroll for the ACA to Work

  The ultimate goal of the Affordable Care Act is to get all Americans covered by health insurance. At the present time, the highest age group of uninsured is people between the ages of 18-34. This is a major concern, as many young people just don’t see the need for healthcare coverage. They’re not often … Continued

Medicaid Expansion and the ACA

Medicaid is the United States’ health insurance program for low income individuals and families. Although states have the right to make specific rules regarding eligibility and income thresholds, the following groups of low income people are now eligible for Medicaid in most states: Children Pregnant women Parents of young children Disabled people receiving Social Security … Continued

Colorado’s Exchange: Final Health Insurance Rates Released

The Colorado Division of Insurance has released the final rates and plans that will go into effect on January 1, 2014. Open enrollment begins on October 1, 2013 and runs through March 31, 2014. Plans are split into 4 tiers. Bronze plans will cover 60% of costs paid by the plan; silver plans cover 70%, … Continued

Large Group Bulletin: Taxes and Fees

Although the employer mandate has been delayed for a year, other important changes are coming for large group employers (over 50 employees). Certain taxes and fees may affect large businesses as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Anthem has put together a guide to help employers make sure they know what’s coming, and what … Continued

Finally! A cartoon that explains health care reform!

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t always have time to read the troves of health care reform information that crosses my desk daily. But, I always have time for a cartoon! Here is the transcript for you readers out there. 🙂 Introduction Well, it’s finally happening. After years of drama on Capitol … Continued

How Individual Insurance Subsidies Will Be Reconciled

The Affordable Care Act enacts that individuals under a certain income threshold will be eligible to receive Advanced Premium Tax Credits to help offset the cost of health insurance coverage, starting January 2014. They will be paid from the federal government directly to insurance companies. At the end of each year, reconciliation between an individual’s … Continued